About the Journal

The ChemSpider Journal of Chemistry is an experiment. We intend to demonstrate how modern web technologies can be used to dramatically enhance the type of information that can be communicated using web-based tools over standard online publishing approaches.

We are committed to hosting chemistry-related materials including synthesis, analytical chemistry, solid state chemistry, chemical biology, cheminformatics, and molecular modeling. The ChemSpider Journal of Chemistry publishes original research, review articles, commentaries, methodologies, blog pages, book and software reviews. All papers published in the ChemSpider Journal of Chemistry are made freely accessible online immediately upon publication. We used a mixed review process of peer and public review. For more information, please see the instructions for authors.

Editor-in-chief: Antony J. Williams, Royal Society of Chemistry, Thomas Graham House, Cambridge, UK

Editorial board

For further information and for all enquiries about the journal, please contact the editor-in-chief at antony.williams-at-chemspider-dot-com.

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